Why Meltem?

"Hey what is this 'chasing the wind' shirt you are wearing?"

That's the kind of reaction we love when people see us wearing Meltem. Our clothes are silently narrating a story, creating reactions around you and getting people talking about what you love.
We created Meltem to express and share what we're truly passionate about.

Share your passion for watersports, nature and travel into your everyday style.


About us

It all started with a friendship and a shared passion for watersports. In 2021, while living together on Naxos Island in Greece, the idea of launching our wind inspired brand came up. Since then, we've been making t-shirts and sweatshirts for friends and family that share the same passion for Naxos and kitesurfing.
Demand for Meltem clothes was growing and today, we are thrilled to share it for real!


Meltem is derived from the famous Meltemi wind that blows across the Greek Cycladic islands.

Meltem Clothing represents the balance of nature and sports, of wind and kitesurfing.

Without the Meltemi wind, there would be no kitesurfing in Greece. Therefore it signifies something unique and precious for us and the entire watersports community.


Our commitment

Wind, nature and sports all have something in common: sustainability.

Crafting eco-friendly clothing was a top priority for us. We know how challenging it is to produce ecological products in this industry, but we've taken the best steps to make a positive impact :

  • We exclusively use 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton and recycled materials for all our t-shirts, and 85% organic cotton for sweatshirts and hoodies.
  • We operate on a "produce on demand" model, eliminating excess stock that might go to waste.
  • Our supplier uses a digital printing technique, The ink used is not only eco-friendly but also water-based. That means it's free from harmful chemicals like PVC and phthalates that are often found in traditional screen printing ink.

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